My Skills

I've used these languages when I was learning Data Structures and programming. After moving to high-level languages, I didn't show interest to work on these. But if I want to write an algorithm from the scratch, I will still prefer these languages and use GCC compiler for C/C++.

It taught me Object-oriented programming. I've learned Core java and my first Linked List program was written using this. I haven't worked with big libraries and frameworks in Java but I have little hands-on experience in Struts 1.X, JSP, JDBC, and JavaFX.

It is one of my favorite programming languages, because it is a High-level programming language 😉. It helped me a lot when I was struggling to code. I've learned many programming concepts from Python and now I'm using it to learn ML basics and Data Science. I have good experience with the Pandas library which is used for Data Science. I have some real time experience with Python and I've build a Data cleaning tool with Invalid addresses correction using Google Maps API.

Javascript is my all time favorite language. I didn't know exactly what we can do with JS until my 6th semester. I've started using this language from my 7th semester and since then whenever I work with JS it gives confidence for me. I have learned Angular 1.x, Basics of React, ES-6, Ramada JS, and Advance JS. I have good real-time experience with Javascript and its frameworks (Angular, React).

It is a member of the Javascript family used on the server side. I've learned Nodejs along with Javascript in my 7th semester. I have good real-time experience with NodeJS and ExpressJS.

I've had basic hands-on experience with AWS and I worked with S3, EC2, IAM and DynamoDb.

I've learned MySQL and MongoDB for Web apps and have real time experience with CRUD operations.

I have a sound knowledge on Windows 7/10, Linux(Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS) and OS X

I have basic knowledge in ML, Data science and NLP. Maximum time i am spending on those technologies to learn.